More Roundups

Due to a lack of spare time, I can’t update this thing as often as I would like to. Alas, here is another quick round-up of several more of this Summers flicks.
Drag Me To Hell (Sam Raimi)

After the luke warm reception of Spider-Man 3, Sam Raimi returns to his roots in this scary (and hilarious) horror. Echoing his previous Evil Dead movies, Raimi uses mostly traditional FX in this story of a Gypsy woman who puts a curse on a young banker (Alison Lohman). Drag Me to Hell also features Justin Long as the boyfriend, yet he is left in the background as the film doesn’ t let up in the action stakes from the get go. Best American horror movie in some time.

Rating: 8.5

Up (Docter)
Every year I await the ‘new Pixar’. They seem to improve with every work. Last years Wall-E garnered unsurpassed critical acclaim and another Academy Award. Could they follow up Wall-E with another gem or would their terrific run hit a stumbling block. It i with great excitement that I feel Up is in contention for Pixars best film. Within the first five minutes you are hit an emotional wollop that would melt the most hardened heart. From then on, the film is a terrific adventure movie with great action and stunning visuals – and still maintains a real emotional core.
Go see Up. Contender for film of the year.

Rating: 9.5


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