Movie Review: Inception

Here it is, arguably the most hotly anticipated blockbuster of a Summer that hasn’t really kicked into gear yet. With a cast of some of the most adorned actors in the world and one of the boldest mainstream moviemakers in Hollywood, Inception has a heavy burden of expectation on it’s shoulders. Does it live up to the hype?

In short, a resounding yes! Inception is a wonderfully shot, acted and complex film. Nolan has created a world of wonder and imagination so captivating that it’s something movie-goers haven’t seen since the Matrix debuted over 10 years ago. Okay, there’s the Matrix reference out of the way, but to be honest the two films are only connected on terms of theme. Apparently Nolan has been wanting to make his “dream” movie for years and after the astounding success of The Dark Knight I’m sure he was given a blank cheque to work with.

Okay so let’s start with the astounding cast. Di Caprio, Levitt, Page, Cotillard, they all put in fantastic performances. This movie is perfectly cast. Leonardo Di Caprio plays Dom Cobb, a spy who has the job of taking ideas from peoples minds – until the chance comes along for him to do something unheard of – plant an idea in the mind of someone else. This is called Inception. Peter Griffin would be delighted to hear the name of the movie quoted in the film itself.

Cobb assembles his ultimate team to pull of this heist inside the mind of Cillian Murphy’s character. Are you still following? Yes, Nolan has crafted a rich, labyrinthian universe which is explained in depth for the first hour or so, but if the film has one fault it is that the first half of the movie has way to much exposition – people talking explaining what’s happening. Yet, it is done so brilliantly that it doesn’t matter. You want to listen and learn about everything in this world.

From then on in it focuses on the main heist and the action, suspense and mind-fucking doesn’t let up. If you’re expecting some sort of abstract or even pretentious movie akin to an art-house movie then this is not it. Despite dealing with themes of dreams and reality, Inception is still at heart a heist/thriller/action movie – and kudos to Nolan to for achieving that.

Like his other movies The Prestige and Memento, Nolan has given us an ending that we will be talking about for months. It is a perfect touch to another great movie in his filmography. Also, I have to commend Leonardo Di Caprio for another amazing performance. I’ve been ringing the guys praise for years, I think he’s our generations finest star. He is always watchable and entertaining, he never rings in a performance and always choses great roles.

Hans Zimmers score is dark, a bit like the Dark Knight score but moodier. Nolan’s regular cinematographer Wally Pfister also does an amazing job, the film looks stunning.

Overall, Inception delivers on all it has promised, a crowd pleasing spectacle with a lot of substance. Movie of the summer so far.

Rating: 9/10


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