Review: Toy Story 3


So here it is – in the same week that Inception hits our screens we are blessed by another minor movie miracle. Another movie that makes us realise why we love the format. Pure unadulterated joy. As some will know, I’m a complete Pixar nut. I love everything they’ve done (yes, even Cars is ok), they continue to make films that are funny, beautifully animated and always have an emotional centre. Toy Story 3 continues that trend.

So can Toy Story 3 compete with Toy Story 2, the official “best reviewed movie of all time”? Of course it can. Was there any doubt? Pixar have made another gem to add to their amazing filmography.

Our heroes are in peril as Andy is going away to college (wow I feel old), and when they are donated to the seemingly lovely Sunnyside day care centre, all seems to be well. But Sunnyside is no haven, it is a horrible prison run by Lots-o-huggin’ bear. So our guys try to escape to get back to Andy before he goes.

When you look at it, the second and third films have very similar plots, but the introduction of some amazing new characters means the film still feels fresh. The likes of Lotso and Ken are a great addition. Ken clearly has some sexuality issues. Prior to watching this third and likely final installment of the franchise I watched the first two movies and noticed that the first movie is getting slightly dated in terms of animation, it makes you appreciate the stunning attention to detail poured into this one. This film looks fantastic. I chose not to see this in 3D because of Up being far superior in 2D, but if I hear good things about the 3D in this one I may have to check it out again.

All in all, Toy Story 3 is what you expect from Pixar at this stage – storytelling perfection. They have mastered the art of making movies for kids and adults alike.

Go see it if you already haven’t. (Oh and I made my own alternative poster for the movie, up top.)

Rating: 9/10


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