Bonus Review: Predators

Director: Nimrod Antal

Starring: Adrian Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo, Laurence Fishbourne.

As much as I liked the original Predator, I never loved it in the way most did. In the inevitable Predator vs Alien debate I always chose the latter. So I approached this remake/reboot/re-imagining/cash-in with little expectation and I’m glad because Predators is a poor movie. It takes the form of the usual bunch of mostly unlikeable characters one by one getting killed in gruesome ways. It’s pretty standard formula and can work well. Except wait, the deaths aren’t even fun or different. Same old stuff we have seen before. Like The A-Team, Predators knows its roots and it keeps a shlocky B-movie atmosphere throughout, which I disliked. I wanted something more gritty but instead got a movie with awful acting and annoying characters.

My main gripe is with the lead character played by Adrian Brody. As much as I like Brody, if you look at it this way – the original movie had Arnie, whereas this movie has nobody who can even come close. Brody is a poor action hero, even with his Batman style voice.

Predators should be seen by fans of the original, they may get more out of it than I did. In the end I couldn’t get into the films B-movie tone from the start.

Oh and the poster was quick and simple this time!

Rating: 5.5/10


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