Hello once again,

For once I’m not going to be speaking about Movies or Graphic Design (kind of)

I am talking about books.

Like most, I love to read but I find I don’t read as many books as I should or would like to. So I said to myself that I would try reading a book per month as of the start of this year. Last month I read The Fry Chronicles and This month I am reading Just My Type.

The Fry Chronicles – An Autobiography by Stephen Fry

This second autobiography by Fry is a largely detailed and beautifully written book (as one would expect from Stephen Fry). In it, he details his college years and early working years as he writes, performs and acts. He talks candidly about his friendships, love life and career. He even briefly talks about his love for technology and in particular, his passion for Apple products – a passion I can relate to.

What comes across most in the book is how humble he really is and in fact, very unsure of himself. The book ends as he takes cocaine for his first time, which will lead to a more tumultuous  period in his life, and surely, another autobiography.

Highly recommended for those interested in the man.

Just My Type: A Book about Fonts – Simon Garfield

I am 80 or so pages into this book, which so far is a very lighthearted look at typography. It tells a brief history of the artform and also some case studies – such as IKEA’s recent change from Futura to Verdana. This is a fun book and a real page turner. Highly recommended to designers/artists or anyone really, as it is very accessible.

Stay tuned as each month there will be a new Book. Also, recommendations are very much welcomed.

Bye now, and happy reading.


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