Pixel Series: Icons

The second part of the Pixel Series is back! This time it is the turn of iconic movie characters, and they’re famous lines. This will be a two parter, so there is three this week and another 3 next week.

Enjoy and share!


Pixel Series: Through the Years

Hi all,

The Pixel series is finished. 5 prints of yours truly, through the years (vanity?). Done in intervals, 1986, 1991, 1999, 2007 and 2011 –
Tried to use fairly muted colours as usual and keep minimal (again, as usual). I’m enjoying this whole pixel art thing, Might do a large scale one next!

Anyway, as usual let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to share and comment! 🙂

Cheers 🙂

Alternative Posters: Red Dead Redemption & True Grit

Hi once again, I’m back with a couple of alternative posters. I’ve decided to go down the road of game posters, just for fun. Most game posters are gone the way of movie posters, generic and usually fairly safe – although not nearly as bad as their film counterparts. Anyway, I’ve done one for the relatively recent ‘Red Dead Redemption’ – If there is any positive feedback I might do some more, maybe retro games?

Also, did a sketch of Jeff Bridges in True Grit and made a quick poster with it. Might come back to it to work some colour and detail in.

Don’t forget to comment and share. Cheers 🙂


Hello once again,

For once I’m not going to be speaking about Movies or Graphic Design (kind of)

I am talking about books.

Like most, I love to read but I find I don’t read as many books as I should or would like to. So I said to myself that I would try reading a book per month as of the start of this year. Last month I read The Fry Chronicles and This month I am reading Just My Type.

The Fry Chronicles – An Autobiography by Stephen Fry

This second autobiography by Fry is a largely detailed and beautifully written book (as one would expect from Stephen Fry). In it, he details his college years and early working years as he writes, performs and acts. He talks candidly about his friendships, love life and career. He even briefly talks about his love for technology and in particular, his passion for Apple products – a passion I can relate to.

What comes across most in the book is how humble he really is and in fact, very unsure of himself. The book ends as he takes cocaine for his first time, which will lead to a more tumultuous  period in his life, and surely, another autobiography.

Highly recommended for those interested in the man.

Just My Type: A Book about Fonts – Simon Garfield

I am 80 or so pages into this book, which so far is a very lighthearted look at typography. It tells a brief history of the artform and also some case studies – such as IKEA’s recent change from Futura to Verdana. This is a fun book and a real page turner. Highly recommended to designers/artists or anyone really, as it is very accessible.

Stay tuned as each month there will be a new Book. Also, recommendations are very much welcomed.

Bye now, and happy reading.

Up – Alternative Poster

As you may know, I’m a bit of a Pixar fanatic and Up may just be my favourite Pixar movie. I decided to make an alternative poster for it after I had being messing around on a design for a while, not knowing what to do with it, until I noticed I could incorporate it into a nice little poster for Up – what with the Ballons/Clouds affect going on.

Anyway, share & comments appreciated as always 🙂

Black Swan Review & Alternative Posters

Hello once again. Forgive the break in posts, I have been busy but am back once again! This weekend saw the release of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. Highly anticipated, the film see’s a dedicated ballerina, Nina, played by Natalie Portman, trying to land a role in Swan Lake. But this is just the beginning, as Nina spirals out of control as she sacrifices everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for her art.

The movie plays as a psychological thriller/horror and bears resemblance to films like Rosemary’s Baby and Jacob’s ladder in terms of atmosphere. In terms of style and theme, the movie is very similar to Aronofsky’s previous film, The Wrestler – both movies feature characters giving everything to their physically demanding roles. Aronofsky also chooses to shoot the movie in a similar vein as The Wrestler, in a cinema veritĂ© style. It is a style which really gives the movie a more visceral feel.

Portman gives the performance of her career as the fragile dancer who spirals out of control. Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassell also give great supporting performances.

Anyone who likes Aronofsky’s movies (Requiem for a Dream, Pi, The Fountain) should love this movie also.

All in all, I completely recommend Black Swan. Beautiful and tragic. Go see it.

Also, I’ve done a couple of posters for the film. I recently got a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet so the drawing of Portman is a bit rough but was my first drawing. The first poster is more in keeping with the abstract style of the amazing illustrated posters released for the movie, the second one is a portrait of Nina.

Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to comment and share 🙂


The State of Movie Posters

As I waited  at a bus stop yesterday, the usual advert at the bus shelter caught my eye. It was an ad for the new Vince Vaughan movie ‘The Truth Hurts’.. or wait, is it called ‘The Dilemma’? Ok so I knew already the title of this movie was The Dilemma but it is so ridiculously stupid looking I wanted to unhinge the plastic cover, take out the massive abomination and burn it right then and there. As someone who loves movies and art/design, it displeases me to see the abundance of ugly and lazy poster art for new movies.

Look at that poster, all the cast looking like waxworks, clearly not in the same room, photoshopped to within an inch of their lives. I understand an actors face sells a movie nowadays but come on! A bit of invention would be nice.

Do not think it is just this poster that falls into this category. Nearly every ‘Frat Pack’ movie, heck, most comedies nowadays  uses this chunky font and blank look into the camera, although, in what must have been an epic epiphany, they’ve changed the colour from red to blue!

And look at just a few random posters from just last year that show that movie posters can still be beautiful.

Universal, take note.